Quality is our Priority!

We take pride in the care and quality that we prived to our patients.
Read some of their experiences below!

Quality Of Life

Chiropractic care has made a tremendous improvement in the quality of my life. I am now free from the constant pain of headaches and the pain medication that was required just to live a semi-normal life.

I have been adjusted and treated by several chiropractors due to my extensive business travel out of state and throughout the west. Of all the chiropractors that have treated me, including my chiropractor at home away from Arizona, Darrel LeSueur is without question my favorite. His method of adjustment is by far more experienced than others and he has a way of being very thorough without being rough or harsh.

His personality always puts me at ease and I would recommend his care above any chiropractor that I know. I always look forward to my visits at this office.

Joseph S.

Management Consultant

Chiropractic & Pregnancy

 Before coming to see Dr. LeSueur, I had given birth to 5 children. With all 5 pregnancies I had heavy back labor during delivery.

I went to see Dr. LeSueur during my 6th pregnancy. The office atmosphere was pleasant and peaceful. I never had to wait more than a couple of minutes and was out quickly.

While being treated by Dr. LeSueur I didn’t have any backaches even in the 9th month. Because I had 5 earlier pregnancies to weigh the difference against, I felt that there truly was a difference.

In the future, I won’t have a baby without chiropractic treatment through the pregnancy.

Brenda S.

Housewife/ Mother

Neck, Shoulder, Back & Leg Pain

I had constant pain in my neck and shoulder and also in my back and leg. It felt like the pain was going to be with me forever some days and then some days I would feel great. Other times the pain would be so intense no matter what I did to relieve it, nothing seemed to work. 

When I went to see Dr. LeSueur, the office was pleasant, well organized and comfortable. The adjustments in conjunction with the therapy has worked wonders. Now I feel great and can function normally. I feel like a new person.

Shirley F.

Medical Assistant

High School Back Injury

 I have had back problems since I hurt it in high school 10 years ago. I’ve tried some chiropractors over the years and some medical doctors but only had very temporary results. When my back got bad in August a friend suggested Dr. LeSueur. I got some immediate relief after just a few treatments. I stuck with the whole treatment program and haven’t had any problems since.

 The office is very friendly and professional. It really was nice to have someone work around my schedule.

 I feel great!

Wayne W.

Restaurant Manager

Trouble Sleeping Due to Upper Arm Pain

I had severe pain in both upper arms and trouble sleeping because my upper arms were so stiff. I couldn’t lift anything without pain. When I almost dropped my baby because of it, I decided to see chiropractic help. Dr. LeSueur was highly recommended to me by several of my co-workers. Within 4-6 visits I had already noticed vast improvement. Within about 3 months I no longer had any more pain.

The office is very pleasant. Both the chiropractic assistant and Dr. LeSueur are very friendly. I never have to wait for more than 5 minutes to get in. That’s a big plus!

Jennifer O.

Software Company Writer

Back Pain & Migraine Headaches

I was injured at work lifting a heavy box. I saw a family doctor and was given numerous pain killers for 2 weeks. My time from work (recovery) was 6 weeks. I could hardly stand when I called Dr. LeSueur.

I was impressed at how clean, neat and professional the office is. The chiropractic assistant is very personable, courteous and always has a smile. They both make me feel at ease (I was really nervous).

Within 2 weeks I was performing normally at work. On top of that Dr. LeSueur has taken care of my migraines. I would recommend him highly.

Tracy T.


Low Back Pain

 I was experiencing aches and pains in my lower back due to an athletic injury. Due to different injuries, I have seen Dr. LeSueur anywhere from one to three times a week.

The location of the office is great for me. It is always clean and professional. The chiropractic assistant and Dr. LeSueur have made me feel at home and I look forward to my visits.

I am now able to continue being very active in athletics with minimal lower back pain. Thank you Dr. LeSueur and staff.

Bill P.

Insurance/Financial Management

Pregnancy & Back Pain

I have had back problems from my neck to my lower back. Dr. LeSueur has helped even during my pregnancy when my hips kept going out of place. Since his treatment I have felt a lot better, my hips stay in place most of the time and my headaches are gone!

I enjoy going to Dr. LeSueur’s office because it is quiet, friendly, peaceful and clean.

Rene C.


Lower Back Pain & Headaches

I was experiencing a lot of pain in my back and neck and having headaches. I decided to go to a chiropractor so I called Dr. LeSueur.

The office is relaxing and very comfortable.

Dr. LeSueur gave me a few treatments and it relieved the lower back pain and headaches. I have never felt better.

Snell J.

President- Art Company

Whiplash & Low Back Pain

 I was involved in a rear end auto collision which caused severe lower back pain and neck pain.

 I went to see Dr. LeSueur and immediately felt comfortable and right at home. I never had to wait over 5 minutes which was incredible!

 I never thought I was going to be able to do the things I used to do again, but thanks to Dr. LeSueur I am back to normal. I might add also that I was skeptic about chiropractors until I visited Dr. LeSueur. It works!!

John V.

Produce Clerk

Numbness In Hand

I had a pinched nerve on the right side of my neck which was causing my right thumb and fingers to be numb. After my chiropractic treatment from Dr. LeSueur the numbness is very seldom felt.

I have 6 children being treated by Dr. LeSueur for scoliosis and they are getting better now. 

Dr. LeSueur’s office is clean, very friendly and helpful and the staff is very patient.

Nancy M.

Housewife/ Mother


 A year ago I started having bad pain in my lower jaw. It ached and ached. I went to the dentist thinking I had received my wisdom teeth and he told me I had TMJ. When I heard that it was the joints of the jaw I thought maybe a chiropractor could help me. The dentist suggested breaking my jaw and splinting it. I decided to give Dr. LeSueur a try at it. It worked! He put ultrasound on it and no more pain or popping when I eat!

 The office is very clean and neat and the receptionist is very kind and friendly. They also try hard to fit my busy schedule into their schedule.

 I’m thankful that there are doctors like Dr. LeSueur who are willing to help those of us out who are in pain.

Connie Y.